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The Art of Science and Science of Art

WHAT: Arkansas Darwin Day 2012 is sponsoring an art contest, titled “The Art of Science and the Science of Art.” In this competition, individuals are challenged to create works of art that explore the relationship between art and science.  Artists may submit up to two works in various media. The registration fee per artist for the contest is $10. The registration and submission deadline is February 1, 2012. The public will be invited to view the entries. Cash prizes will be awarded, and artists may sell their works.

WHY: The rationale for including an art contest as part of Arkansas Darwin Day, an event focused primarily on science, springs from the belief that although science and art are often regarded as opposing cultural forces, the two are deeply connected and inseparable. Consider the following: Why is the golden mean ratio, often found in nature, also aesthetically pleasing to our eye? What roles do chemistry and the science of light and color play in making the Mona Lisa a masterpiece? How do artists make use of recent scientific advances in their work? Think, for example, of developments in digital photography. Often, art and science employ the same techniques, and neither can exist without the other. As physicist Brian Greene asserts, "We must embark on a cultural shift that places science in its rightful place alongside music, art, and literature as an indispensable part of what makes life worth living."

The deadline for accepting entries is February 1, 2012 .

Register on-line: Registration Form


  • Each entry must be the creation of a single individual, and no more than 2 entries per person will be accepted.

  • The registration fee is $10, and registration form must be completed on line by February 1 at

  • A range of media will be accepted, including but not limited to paintings, drawings, photography, multimedia works, and sculptures.

  • Entries must be accompanied by labeling that follows requirements provided later.

  • Entries must be submitted ready for hanging or other display; this might mean that a work needs to be mounted, matted, framed, or on a stand.

  • Entries must fit through a standard door and weigh no more than about 25 pounds.

  • Entries will be evaluated on the following: theme; originality; effective use of medium/media; creative expression; and overall artistry.

  • Two age categories are designated: (1) from 13 up to 18; (2) 18 and over.

  • Cash prizes of varying amounts will be awarded with a Grand Prize of $100.

  • Artists may put their works up for sale during the exhibition. Details about how this will be handled will be made available later. The contest organizers will not be responsible for handling the actual sales transactions.

  • Entries must be delivered to Canvas Community at 1111 Seventh St., Little Rock, AR 72202 between January 27 and February 1st.

Contact information: e-mail [email protected] or call 501-396-9660.

Entries will be displayed at Canvas Community in Little Rock during the month of February.

Opening night reception will be held at Canvas Community on February 10, 2012 from 5-8 p.m. during the Second Friday Art Walk.

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