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Professional Development Hours for Educators

Professional Development Hours offered to educators by Arkansas Darwin Day 2012

Arkansas Darwin Day 2012 invites teachers and students to attend events in Little Rock commemorating Charles Darwin.

Teachers can receive up to 9 professional development hours through UALR's STEM Education Center.

The key events will include lecture series including two lectures by Dr. Kevin Padian. He is Professor of Integrative Biology and Curator of Paleontology at the University of California, Berkeley. He was a key scientific witness for the victorious plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the Dover Pennsylvania School district concerning the teaching of intelligent design as an alternative to teaching evolution. Dr. Padian also is President of the National Center for Science Education.

There are other activities during weekend including tours of UALR laboratories, fossil displays, and screening of educational films.

For complete schedule of events visit: http:// content/event-guide

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