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The Art of Science and The Science of Art Contest Results

The huge success of the gallery reception Friday evening, February 10, at Canvas Community would not have been possible without the artists. Many came to see the show and enjoy themselves in the crowd that gathered to examine the artworks, socialize, and enjoy refreshments. Indeed, the number of people who attended greatly surpassed the expectations of everyone involved. As for the pieces submitted, the thematic nature of the contest stimulated some very thought-provoking responses among the participants, and many visitors commented on how varied, interesting, and beautiful the art was. Canvas Community, moreover, proved a wonderful venue, a friendly place where people linger.

Commendations to all artists for their contributions to the show!

The three contest judges, all artists themselves, found the quality of works high, which made their job challenging. The outcome of the competition was as follows:

1st place (($100 prize):               Evan Lindquist's Adam and Eve

2nd place ($50 prize):                 Jason Twiggy Lott's George Herbert von Braun's Study

3rd place ($25 prize):                  Amy Edgington's Intelligent Design

Honorable Mention ($10 prize):   Lynn Frost's Cat Scan

Special Award:                           Judd Mann's This Exit

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