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Arkansas Darwin Day invites you to UALR Science Labs

The Arkansas Darwin Day is happy to announce an exciting opportunity for people of all ages to get immersed in the fascinating world of science. During the Darwin Day Conference, on February 11, come and tour UALR science laboratories, talk to current students and faculty members, discover exciting new developments in science, and explore career opportunities in science and research.

For children of all ages, the Discovery Museum will have a station called “Design Your Own Dino.” Visitors will be presented with a variety of ecosystems ranging from a sweltering swamp, to an icy mountain top, to the dark depths of the ocean. After picking one of these habitats, you will be able to design a dinosaur to live in one of these unique climates. You will want to keep in mind that it would need to move around, get food, and stay safe.

Geology Laboratories will give you a glimpse into mineral evolution, the stages of mineral evolution on Earth, and show different examples, both in hand sample and under the microscope, of minerals from the different stages of Earth's development.

For those interested in latest advancements in technology, UALR will open Nanotechnology Center and 3D Printer Lab – Rapid Prototyping Laboratory.

This event will be fun and educational for the whole family, and for teachers – a great opportunity to bring their students into the exciting world of science.

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